We have recently been reviewing Justin Peters seminar “A Call to Discernment” on Sunday night. With Justin’s kind permission, we watched it on our big screen, in our church, which used to be a theater.

Though we are not into bashing people, nor do we wish to have a fault finding ministry, we have nevertheless found some of the heresies being pushed in the word faith movement impossible to ignore.

I think Justin is right, when he compares what word faith preachers are preaching with the word of God, that they are preaching a different gospel, a different Jesus, and new age techniques, such as speaking things into existence, laws of attraction, which is very much in line with Oprah Winfrey’s methods in the Book the secret.

There is a tendency in this kind of preaching to deify man and humanize God. In his 3 part videos a call to discernment, which can be watched on YouTube, Justin plays clips, of which it would be impossible to take these clips out of context, where the worst heresies are spoken!

Our own church does not take the cessationist position, that tongues and miraculous gifts have ceased. This is where we would respectfully disagree with Justin and John MacArthur, but we have to say that what we are seeing in the word faith movement is a sham and a counterfeit!

In many places the prophetic word, or words of would be modern day Prophets have replaced scripture. The title of Prophet should not be worn lightly, due to the demanded standard. It is required of a Prophet that he has a 100% success rate, that all of his words come to pass, that none of his words fall to the ground. Are we holding these modern day would be Prophets to this biblical standard?

These ministries are subtly moving us away from the word of God, not deeper into it.

When we point out these errors and heresies, we are branded as self-righteous, bigots, faultfinders, and opposers to the gifts of the Spirit, but don’t you also think that it’s opposing the Spirit, to say thus saith the Lord, when the Lord hasn’t spoken? To claim visions and dreams that cannot be supported with scripture? But are merely the product of ones own imagination, or in some cases something more sinister?

Now don’t get me wrong, the scriptures tell us, that your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions, I believe that God can still communicate through these means, but isn’t scripture the ultimate litmus test for these things?

The scriptures are meant to be our ultimate measuring stick, on whether God has spoken or not.

We understand that our church position on these things will upset and even anger some of our friends, but I hope you also understand that we are not denying, healing, tongues, prophecy and the miraculous, but only the shoddy counterfeit that has brought reproach on the Lord’s Name, and literally made the church a laughingstock.

After all of our failures in these areas, the New Testament scriptures are still waiting for our return to them. To rediscover the true, pure teaching of God. Why have we abandoned the pure unadulterated word of God, for all these facades? How many failed prophecies is it going to take for us to return back to the scriptures? There is really only one word we can count on and live by, the word of God!