The coined phrase Sola Scriptura was used by Martin Luther, to declare scripture alone as the final rule for faith and practice, that everything we say and practice should be evaluated and tested with the Bible. But there is such a thing as solo scriptura which runs very close to sola. In solo scriptura, we have the Bible all by itself. I believe sola scriptura allows for activity of God outside of the Bible, where God speaks through our circumstances, [i.e. providentially] Or leads us, guides us, and prompts us by His Spirit.

The scriptures allow for activities of God outside of scripture, but these things must be measured by scripture itself. Surely the Holy Spirit who authored scripture, will always act in line and in accordance with the Bible.

It is a failure to see this possibility, that causes people to slip into what is called solo scriptura, where God acting outside of scripture and yet in line with scripture is overlooked. I know how easy it is for us to go astray which is why we need to test every claim of thus saith the Lord along side the written sword. The sword of the Spirit is the word of God.

It is wrong to claim that God doesn’t speak or act outside of the Bible, this belief lacks common sense, and defies logic. But I believe scripture to be the highest authority and the standard of measurement to test all these other claims with. The Spirit and the Word are in agreement and will give the same word, with the same emphasis on Jesus Christ.

Solo scriptura will deny that God has spoken, if it is not directly from the scripture. In other words, this position would reject the possibility that God can speak through dreams, visions, and promptings. And in the ways prescribed by the Bible itself! A person in this position, would despise all prophecies without even testing them.

May we learn to avoid this error, lets put the word first place and test everything by it, but lets also be open and have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches! Amen.