Sometimes we take ourselves way to seriously! I have found that the person we are hardest on is ourselves! Is it because we know ourselves better than anyone else?  We know our flaws and failures and we don’t like what we see. Others do not see the real you and me. They don’t see that besetting sin that hounds and harasses you! That secret thing that you struggle with. They don’t hear that condemning voice that eats and gnaws away at you. That hidden feeling of inferiority and sense of failure, that no matter how hard you try, you just cant seem to measure up.

No one knows the thoughts of a man like the spirit of the man that is within him. You think that if others were to see the real you, they would reject you and shun you, so you keep your real self hidden, behind a façade that is more acceptable.

There is one however, who does love you! He sees your heart better than you do! He sees the depths of our sins and just how dark our hearts really are, we don’t know the half! As deep as our sins are, God is deeper still! He still loves you and me! He knows everything about me but yet still loves me.

This is the place where we find our release, our freedom, that no matter what we’ve done, or what we struggle with, Gods love for us frees us from ourselves! This gives me hope and helps me look at my failures differently. God loves you and me, and this gives us the release in life that we have been searching for.

There is a deliverance that we all need that is even deeper than our sins, it is deliverance from ourselves. There is only one that we can love more than ourselves, and that is the one who has loved us as we really are! Who sees the hidden you and me, and yet loves us anyway. This is the love that frees us from our sins, from ourselves and our hidden shames! The love that opens prison doors and lets the captive go free. The one who when He loves on you, frees you with the ability to go and sin no more! Who helps us to laugh at ourselves with the optimism that we can change, are being changed, are loved and accepted, and will be loved and accepted for all our days!