It is so easy for us to get sidetracked and major on minor issues. In doing this we fall into the enemies trap and start to distort the message of Christ.

I have made it my ambition to make VCF a place where we focus on people’s hearts rather than their outward appearance, where all can come and hear the message of Christ’s grace, and be treated with dignity and respect.

The cross is a great equalizer and places us all on an equal footing, where we all stand in need of Gods mercy and grace. We are all beggars at the foot of the cross!

All to often the church of God has made it all about outward appearance, about tattoos and piercings. Unfortunately we are living in a tattoed, piercing kind of society, but the truth is these things are secondary issues!

We shouldn’t make these things stumbling blocks for people who are needing to encounter the mercy of Christ! I am convinced that Christ has the grace to look beyond these peoples physical appearances and sees the need in their hearts, so should we!

Can we look beyond the outward things, and look at that which is unseen? Inside many of these tatooed, pierced bodies, are hurting hearts, and hearts waiting to burst forth with Gods creative grace. Instead of seeing people as they are, we should see the potential into what they can become! I’m glad Jesus doesn’t just see us how we are, but He sees what we can become, and deals with us accordingly!