In all of our Bible believing churches, in our doctrinal statements, we all have statements believing that the Bible is the inspired word of God. That this, the 66 books in the Bible are Gods word to us, and Gods authoritative statement for our faith and practice. This isn’t being debated in any Bible believing church.

However the problem we are currently encountering, is that though we may make a verbal affirmation to this truth, we are very often finding a denial of this belief in our practice. We find ourselves on the one hand speaking and affirming by our words, but yet by our actions denying what we profess.

If we believe that all scripture is God breathed, then hand in hand to this belief should also be our belief in the sufficiency of scripture, that scripture is enough! We are a walking contradiction, if we are professing belief in its inspiration, but disbelief in its sufficiency. I believe that the passage under consideration, 2 Tim 3:16,17, and its surrounding context teaches both truths together.

The scriptures are sufficient to richly supply us with all that we need for this Christian life! If we really believe in its divine origin.

I believe that we have ample evidence that the scriptures are what God uses to effect salvation and ongoing change in our lives. It is only by the scriptures that we can arrive at an accurate revelation as to what God is really like, in other words if you and I want to know what God is really like, we can only make this discovery in scripture.

I find it baffling that in many quarters the scriptures have been relegated into a secondary role in our worship! The revelation of God in scripture will blow our minds. He is bigger than what our minds or imaginations could ever conceive! Getting back to scripture will not limit us in our understanding of God, but a revelation of God from scripture will take the limits off!

The reason why I believe in many quarters, scripture is now playing second fiddle to prophetic words, [ so called] Is because deep down we really don’t believe in their sufficiency, and maybe we haven’t taken enough time to really consider their inspiration, and the full implications of where that will take us, if we genuinely believed this, and acted like it was so.

We are believing a lie of the enemy, if we believe that becoming immersed in scripture, that this will somehow make us Spiritless? If all scripture is breathed out by God, as the Bible says it is, then surely we will still find God breathing in it now!

Are we on the hand professing a belief in Scripture’s inspiration? Yet on the other denying this, by denying its sufficiency? I will be posting more on this. This is only part 1 of something that will be an ongoing discussion.