There is a verse that comes to mind, in describing the life of our Savior, which goes like this, “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness, therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.” ESV.

I have found the biggest reason why we sin as Christians is because we love it, we don’t hate our sins as we should. I have also found that it takes a work of grace in the heart, to change our viewpoint and affections toward our sins. To hate the sins that I previously loved, takes a work of God and speaks of real, lasting change in my life.

It is easier to hate the sins of others, than it is to hate your own sin! Sometimes I think our hatred toward sin is in the wrong direction! It is focused on the sins of others, instead of your own. Its time to hate your own sin! A popular phrase being banded around today is, “love the sinner and hate the sin.” but do we hate our own sins? This is a more serious issue!

Hating our own sin will deliver us from self-righteousness, and will perhaps give us a more merciful spirit toward others, who are struggling with things that we formerly struggled with, or still struggling with.

I know when I have been delivered from particular sins in my life, when there is a hatred in my heart for that particular thing.

To reach a point where we hate our sins, must begin with real transparency with God, We must recognize we sin because we want to, and we love it. Perhaps the deeper issue than sin itself is our affection and love for it? Instead of just majoring on our sins, I think we need to major more on our heart attitudes towards it! This could be the sin of sin?

When we do wrong, do we find ourselves merely repenting of the deed? Or are we also going deeper and also repenting of our hearts affection and love for it? This is the real evil. We are doomed to commit the same sins over and over, till we give our affections and love to God for that sin! May God graciously change our hearts and affections, as we give the root of our sinning to Him, thus transforming us and truly liberating us, as He causes us to hate those things that we formerly loved!