Perhaps you have a friend like this in your church? Or a family member? I’m talking about someone you know who came to Christ, who claimed a salvation experience, but now in the words of Bugs Bunny, have taken that left turn at Albuquerque! Their constant theme is end times! End times! End times!

Now don’t get me wrong, we are indeed living in the end times, and we need to be aware of that, but these people take it to a whole different level. They obsess themselves with the news, and the latest current events, trying to tie them in with the prophecies of the Bible, as if we were meant to use our newspapers to interpret our Bibles!

To give you one example from my own experience which reminds me of the dangers and deceptions that are connected with this practice. In the days when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, and the first Iraq war. The Bible college I attended, invited a guest speaker in. Now this man though he was wrong, somehow was able to make these current events fit in with Daniels prophecies, and scriptures from Revelation. He even claimed that Saddam Hussein was the Little horn that boasted great things in the Book of Daniel. [ I think we can now put that one to bed]

Though this approach to biblical interpretation has been proven to be shoddy and very shaky, it certainly doesn’t stop people from still trying to use this approach, as we jump from one theory to the next without even batting an eyelid! How many false prophecies are we going to come up with until we realize that we need to quit this?

There may come a time when we see certain biblical prophecies fulfilled before our eyes. In fact certain predictions we are seeing fulfilled, such as “there will be wars and rumors of wars.” But we should not be to quick and rash in making certain claims! An old friend of mine every year makes the claim, that things are going to crash in October! I think hes been making that claim for about six years now! But even a dead clock is right twice a day! So one of these days he might get it right?

If like my friend, we are prophesying things and they are not happening? Don’t you think we better quit? I really don’t think God likes being misrepresented, as if somehow He is confused, and doesn’t know what’s going on! This isn’t something to trifle with, to say, “thus saith the Lord!” and it doesn’t happen, there is no fear or reverence for God in these people who go about doing this, and it needs to stop! They need to be called into account in the hopes that they are rescued out of this dangerous pre-occupation.