My greatest pleasure and favorite pastime is to read. I have found no greater pleasure than to be with a good book in a nice quiet place! But I am finding a close second to this, is the pleasure of writing! The wonder and creativity of being able to express ones thoughts into words should never be lost! I have lost track of the times, I have written to a friend to minister and to comfort and to encourage the downcast heart, and I have been comforted myself from those selfsame words!

There is a comfort in being able to express ones thoughts in written words, and when we are sharing this with others, we are comforting them with the same comfort we have received. Writing is the opening of my heart and mind and is in many respects more intimate and personal than conversation. The words that are written remain on a page, for a person to revisit and ponder over, where words that are spoken are very often lost into the air where they were spoken.

I have found a person to be more inclined to open their innermost mind and heart in writing than speaking. Writing requires a lot more thought than speaking, and requires our consideration. I believe we may learn more about a person through their writing than their speaking, though both may be very illuminating.

If God looks at the heart, and not the outward appearance, then reading some ones writing is to bypass their outward appearance and to look into their heart and mind. If writing is the expression of our souls, then reading some ones writing is to look through a window to their very souls.

The pleasures of writing should never be lost! The dropping of a note to someone, or humorous quote to a friend, may just be like water in a desert to the lonely parched soul! Let us be joint partakers of this pleasure! We may be pleasantly surprised at what pleasures and joys might be derived from this exercise!