In reading through Genesis, it has become clear to me, that the gospel hasn’t changed. The same plan of God has been in place since before day one. Though there are certain mysteries that we may never be fully able to comprehend, it is clear from scripture that redemption has always been Gods plan A, not plan B. The scriptures refer to Jesus as “the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world.” Rev 13:8. Also the first Adam that was made, was a type and a figure of the second Adam that was to come, Rom 5:14. This shows us that the second Adams coming was already in view while the first Adam was being made.

To try to understand the reasons as to why God allowed the fall to occur is beyond our scope of understanding as human beings. I have found to try and explain this is only to humanize God, and to relegate Him into someone that is more palatable for our fallen, sinful tastes.

It is clear that God is all powerful and all present, and could have stopped the fall from taking place, but it is also clear that God allowed the fall to take place through human decision which resulted in rebellion, instigated by the crafts and wiles of satan.

It is clear that God is not the Author of sin, but that sin is a byproduct of the people He created disobeying Him.

The best explanation that I can come up with is, God allowed the fall to occur, for His own glory! The truth is, isn’t God glorified by the display of His own goodness and grace, in saving and redeeming rebellious mankind? Doesn’t He through this gospel, show forth a magnificent display of His wonderful Attributes? Only God could come up with such a plan as this! A plan so wrought with wisdom, and grace and perfect righteousness!

God is glorified and His wisdom, goodness and power on display, in His great kindness and virtue that He has poured out on His church! Remember that you and I have not yet seen the finished article the church! But when the  church is exalted into her finished state of glory, Angels and redeemed people of God will all bow in wonder to the Majestic God that achieved such a wonderful work through such useless, worthless entities!

In that day, all the glory will be Gods and Gods alone! Though the church may have been raised into a state of glory, she will recognize that it wasn’t by her own doing, but by His doing alone that has achieved such a magnificent work! May we thank Him today! That God has chosen to glorify His name, by displaying His great kindness to such unworthy people as you and I.