One of the names given to Jesus in the Bible is “The beginning.” This name has a unique reference point for the believer in a devotional sense. For Christ is always the beginning and starting point for starting over and beginning again. He was the beginning of our  faith, our starting point in getting right with God the Father. It was by putting our trust in Christ that brought great renewal and change into our lives.

The good news is that just as Christ was the beginning and starting point of our new found faith and life, He still remains the beginning and starting point for any further changes in our life. If we have gotten of track, losing our first love, caught up in the sins of this world, Jesus still ever remains the starting point and the beginning for Spiritual renewal and change.

If we are at odds with God at the moment, because of unconfessed sin, the usual normal pattern for people is just to run and hide from God, or to try in our own power to clean ourselves up first and then come to God. The problem with this approach is, we can never clean ourselves, so our return back  to God is put on hold.

My friend, the problem with this approach is, it doesn’t work. I found early on in the starting point of my spiritual journey, one of the scariest things to do was to come to God just as I am. with all my sins and failures, and the weight of guilt that was upon my shoulders. What a relief it was, when I discovered that the God I had sinned against, also took my sin to the cross, bearing the punishment that should have been mine!

This is going to sound like a strange question, “have you trusted Jesus with your sins?” Until we do, there will be no release! In Mark 1:15. Jesus links repenting and believing together. How can you and I repent effectively if we have no faith! Laying bare your soul to God is no easy task! But the task is made easier when you also trust the one you are confessing your sins too! For our repentance to be effective it must be mixed with faith in the one we are repenting too! This is when change really happens.

I have found at times, it is hard to trust Jesus with my sins, but when I do, that’s when change and release begins, and we walk free from the bondage and chains of the past. If you are ever tempted to think you are without sin? There is an analogy I like to use that cures me from this false mindset. Imagine for one moment, if God was to attach speakers to your heart and mind where all your thoughts and desires would be broadcasted for all to see and hear! I doubt that to many of us, if any at all could walk around without blushing.

I think sometimes we deceive ourselves into thinking that sin is solely an action, and forget that we can also sin in our thoughts and imagination.

If you are tired of your way of living, grown tired of your sins, it is time to return to Jesus, He is the beginning and starting point of all Spiritual change and renewal, put your trust in Him, and trust Him with your sins!