We are really looking forward to having Justin Peters come and minister to us in his upcoming clouds without water seminar. I think there are many of us who have been a part of the charismatic movement, that are deeply concerned with the direction that this movement has been headed! Not only is there a concern with many of the false manifestations and irreverent behavior, but with the message itself that is being presented. It is vital in any movement we are a part of, to subject it to a thorough biblical critique. If we are willing to do this, we may find that much of our practices are not found in the Bible.

I have found that hosting a seminar of this nature, has become something of a lightning rod of criticism from certain quarters in our community. Yet I believe that such a seminar is necessary. It is sad that those who would profess to be sound Preachers in the charismatic movement, have been deathly silent in speaking out against the heresies and exorbitant practices of this movement. A lot of the critique against this movement has come from Baptist quarters which has justified many charismatics from ignoring the criticisms, even though the critiques have some scriptural warrant.

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter where the criticism is coming from, but we should base everything on this premise, “what saith the scripture?” The Protestant movement founded its strength on this one premise, and if we are going to recover that strength, we must return to the scriptures as our final authority for faith and practice.

My own spiritual roots were founded in the charismatic movement, and for that, I have much to be thankful for! Believing that the Holy Spirit can move now, like He did in the Bible days! And I still believe that! Believing that Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. Heb 13:8, this thought really excites me! In fact there is nothing impossible with God! which is the reason why we pray, and refuse to give up against seemingly impossible odds!

Our church in many ways find ourselves in a difficult position, on the one hand, we reject much of the foolishness, and false doctrine that is in the word faith movement especially, but on the other hand we are not those who believe the gifts have ceased. I find myself gravitating more towards sound preachers who preach the word book by book, line by line, verse by verse, which most of them are none charismatic. I cant seem to find the practice of expository preaching in the charismatic movement? Not saying it isn’t there, but I haven’t found it!

I believe, if we are going to see a true move of God, we must first clean out the false, which can be very painful at times. The recent claims of revivals in the charismatic movement, have in my opinion lacked the very ingredient of what is necessary for a true revival, Holy Ghost conviction of our sins, and a repentance, worked in us by that same Holy Spirit.

Being conscious of my own failures and shortcomings, I honestly don’t have a self righteous leg to stand on! but stand in deep need of a sifting from false doctrine myself, and that He would enrich my life with a genuine work of holiness!

I now firmly believe that the false has to be dealt with, if we are going to see a true move of God in our midst, i.e. Conviction and repentance, worked in us by His Spirit.

May God grant us all a heaven sent revival, according to His Sovereign grace!