I’m going to be looking at the Apostle Paul in my upcoming blogs. I wish to do a study of his life, his writings and example. In studying great men and women of God, we should always exercise caution that we don’t end up idolizing them, but rather give thanks to God for the gifts He has given to the church, and be thankful that God can take sinful human beings and accomplish great things through them. Paul himself would be strongly opposed, if we began to follow him and exalt him instead of Christ. But what we do recognize however, is Christ speaking through him, and Gods workmanship in Paul. It is the treasure in the clay pot that we exalt not the clay pot itself, but that which is of the excellency and power of God.

Paul was a vessel, a chosen vessel that God filled with His word and Spirit to lavish on the church. Out of the 27 books of the New Testament Paul wrote 13. 14 If one was to include Hebrews, which shows us how mightily the Lord used him. The book of Acts also covers his missionary journeys, and other aspects of his life and ministry.

If we believe God superintended and oversaw what was put into scripture, as I do, then it is obvious God wants to teach us something through this man. Paul recognized this to be the case, when he said that God had shown mercy to him, in order to show his perfect patience as an example for other sinners who would come. 1 Tim 1:16.

The greatest legacy Paul left us was through his writings, by these he still speaks and ministers to us today. One way of considering his great impact on the church, would be to consider what our New Testament would be like without his writings? Lets learn what God wants to teach us through this man!