Over the years of studying salvation, it has become more and more obvious to me, that our salvation began with Gods foreknowledge and predestination. The issue of Gods election is the most bitterest pill to swallow in studying soteriology. Yet our rejection of this truth, or our hyper over extended approach to this truth is the cause of much wrong preaching of the gospel in our day! Election is at the very foundation of any true and accurate understanding of salvation. This is at the heart of any true study of soteriology.

One reason why this truth is neglected is because it is viewed as impractical and not important with our real world. “Lets just preach the gospel!” some people say, and don’t worry about these things! After all, isn’t it this very topic that has caused much strife and debate in the church of God? Yet I would submit to you today, this truth of election isn’t just for the Theologian, or the deeper thinkers among us, but this truth of election is for every believer! It is the very bedrock of a believers salvation on a personal level. It is the very truth that is foundational to the believers assurance also.

The thought that I didn’t choose God but God has chosen me is very comforting! John 15:16. This truth of Gods election is very practical and impacts the believer on a personal level. As a believer you were Gods choice from all eternity, not some afterthought thrown in afterwards! Ephesians 1:4. God knew you before you were born, and chose you before you ever made a decision to commit your life to Him. In fact if you can receive this, it was His choice of you that gave you the capacity to be able to receive Him! John 6:44.

It is ironic, yet also tragic, that some of the biggest opponents to Election are professing believers! The very ones who should be finding assurance and peace in this truth!

Another thing that ought to be considered concerning the practical value of Gods Election, is the way we preach the gospel. Much of what lies at the heart of our mishandling of the gospel, and our shoddy evangelism techniques, rests in this very issue! so this truth which has become woefully neglected and in some quarters despised may lie at the recovery of true gospel preaching! I believe this to be the case!

In wrapping up this brief blog, I would like to conclude with how I began this blog, and that is with the thought that Gods Election is the bedrock of our salvation. Consider the words of Paul in Romans 8:28-30. Paul here shows this truths practical value in verse 28, and how it comforts us. And then in 29-30, he shows us the chain of salvation, that is began in eternity, and is being worked out on earth. As we consider these things, may our hearts be both challenged and comforted to think of our salvation in much deeper and broader terms!