Isaiah 40:28 NKJV  Have you not known?

Have you not heard?

The everlasting God, the Lord,

The Creator of the ends of the earth,

Neither faints nor is weary.

His understanding is unsearchable.


Though I often grow weary and tired by the way, You oh Lord never faint or are neither weary, yet you sustain and uphold all things and are always working! Yet it was in your wisdom in recognizing the limitations of those whom you had created, that you gave and appointed rest for us. You appointed also that you would be our rest, for where else can we find rest but in you, the one who never wearies or grows faint? You are always active yet you always refresh, you are ever new and never depleted, though all things draw from you and look to you for their daily sustenance. There are times my needs often run deeper than the creature is able to provide for me. Needs that even I don’t understand, for it is in these moments that I discover I was made for something more than the creature.

That intangible unseen thing, that I can sense and yet not quite seem to grasp. The element of mystery that creates excitement and awe? You are that hidden fire which no one else sees that lifts me out and carries me through my mundane existence. The one who animates me and gives me motion. While others look and see nothing more than an exterior, superficial existence, I have learned to look deeper than this, drawing from the interior treasures you have placed within me. It is living from my interior treasure that helps me make sense and find purpose in my exterior, otherwise superficial existence.

It was you Oh Lord who in the beginning of my spiritual journey showed me the true meaning of my existence, and gave me fulfillment when you touched and changed my interior existence, while for so long I was pleading and praying for an exterior, superficial change. For how can a man who was dead bring himself back to life? How can a man who was incurably sick heal himself? How can the fallen creature lift the fallen creature? It is to you, My great Creator! that I look and am replenished and satisfied! Help me always to look to you, the only one who enriches and can satisfy! and not to the poor creature that is as broken as I and can never satisfy!