Dear Lord, when you come into the life of a believer, you come to take up permanent residence and make us your home. I am amazed and stand in awe of such great condescension! When I consider my heart and the activity which takes place within it, I find it astonishing that such a Holy God would come to dwell within me!

Yet when you entered my heart, you were not unmindful of the evil that still remained! It was I who remained completely oblivious to these things. Yet you choose to dwell within me, and have begun your cleansing, sanctifying work within, though this cleansing is not complete yet, you have a definite goal and end in view. One day I will stand faultless and blameless at your throne, beholding you in your beauty and glory, but for now I am only permitted a glimpse of you through the veil and through a looking glass. I see and perceive your presence and your image, but I only see you in part and not completely.

With each gaze that you permit me to see, I am changed in that moment. something leaps out toward that image from within me in irresistible attraction. The image which I see is stamped and impressed on my heart with a holy fire. You draw me towards you and I find I cannot pull away!

One day I am confident you will complete the work in me, and I will be free, not just from the guilt and power of sin, but also from its presence. Though there are times I encounter stubborn sin pockets and would appear to be defeated, you always pick me up again and promise release.

Lord I am in awe of the mysterious connection of your work on the cross, and the work you are now performing in my heart. Is it because of your completed work on the cross, that you will also complete the work in me? I believe this to be so, for when you cried out on the cross,” it is finished!” You meant the price was paid and the wrath of God was fully satisfied!

I am convinced that your Spirit works within me on these redemptive grounds! your Spirit works in me what Christ Himself has already accomplished! Thank you for your thorough, relentless work!