2. Christianity without Christ.

It is in actuality impossible to have true Christianity without Christ. However there is a false brand going round today which focuses on the principals of Christianity without Christ at its center. Take Christ out of Christianity and what do you have? The real answer to that is nothing. However its possible to try and live by a certain moral code, such as the 10 commandments, while all the time promoting your own goodness. Many people who use the title of Christian really have no idea about what it is.

Our belief is all about a person, and this person is unique, the one and only. What we believe and how we receive this person has eternal consequences attached to it. There are moral people in hell, who trusted in their own morality to get them to heaven, while all the time rejecting Christ and His cross. Building a bridge of their own goodness, trusting God would receive them on this basis. The Bible is clear, Jesus is the only way to the Father, John 14:6. The moral person will be shocked on that day to find before the judgment seat of Christ, his own works weren’t enough! “But I worked so hard for this all my life?” And am I now rejected? Cursed is the man who trusts in his own goodness!

There is yet an even more subtle deception, that there are those who accept Christ under false and deceptive tendencies. “Jesus is a good man!” they say “The Prophet,” The first created!” the son of God, but not in an eternal, before time, uncreated sense. If we reject the deity of Christ, that He is one with the Father from all eternity, See John 1:1,  equally God as the Father is, then our Christianity is a Christless one! It will not save us, though we may have a respect and a certain honor towards Him, our Jesus will be a false one.

When I first came to Christ, someone close to me really loved the change they saw in me, even said they were proud of me, “but cant you have all this without Jesus?” If we could we probably would. I told this person, it was Jesus who brought the change, so no! Over the years I have seen certain ones put on a pretty good show, by strength of their own will and own morals, seem to achieve a particular morality that looks good to me, but if we reject Christ God will also reject us! Our belief and Christianity needs to be strongly built and focused around the suffering, death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Those who put their whole trust in Him shall not be put to shame! See Isaiah 28:16.