The most despised, the most rejected, and the most misunderstood doctrine in the Bible is election. Before we embark on this controversial subject, we must make one thing clear, the doctrine of election is in the Bible! How we explain and interpret the passages of scripture that teach this however, will determine how we view this subject, wrongly or correctly. I believe there are two main errors that occur in the study of this subject.

  1. Because we can’t accept the fact that the grounds of election is founded in grace and grace alone, and no previous condition founded in man which causes God to elect and choose, we water it down and put man made conditions on it, to make it more acceptable, and more palatable to our sinful tastes. It is after all a very offensive doctrine, one that immediately stirs up all kinds of emotional objections. When a doctrine in the Bible such as election is rejected, the grounds for its rejection are usually grounded on emotional objections and not scripture itself. It is essential that we base truth on scripture, rather than our emotional objections. Our emotions should never be the final say on any subject in the Bible.
  2. The second error arises from the failure to see, there are always two sides to the truth, in any subject. If we only focus on election and Gods sovereignty, we become hyper-Calvinists, and view man as a mere puppet being forced against his will in certain directions. The Bible does however teach human responsibility, that people are accountable for their rejection of Christ and the gospel. In the coming days ahead, we will be examining this most important doctrine of election. Its preciousness for the believer when correctly embraced, its misunderstandings and some of the objections to this doctrine. Looking forward to learning this with you from Gods word!