As a Preacher, our number one responsibility is to preach Gods word. We are messengers sent with a message to deliver from the King, the triune God! We do not have the authority to change that message one iota. We are mistaken if we think the messenger has any authority on his own. For the focus of the messenger, is not the one who brings it, but the message he has to present.

We must also remember, the messenger isn’t responsible for how the message is received, he is only responsible to be faithful on how he delivers the message from the King. The messenger doesn’t share his own words or own ideas, for that is not the messengers job, he is called to share the words of another.

If I try and alter the message and water it down to make it more acceptable to my hearers, I will be found as an unfaithful messenger and one who misrepresents my Lord, regardless of the popularity my message might ensue! Not only would I have gone astray, but I will be leading my hearers astray also.

Messengers do not dabble with the words of your master! He didn’t give you or I the right or the authority do this . Hearers of Gods messengers, make sure the message you are hearing falls in line with Gods holy word! Watch out for the 5% or even the 2% that may be laced with arsenic, for a steady dosage of this over time will surely kill you, though it may be sweet to the taste. Messengers hold fast to every word of your king, hearers, hold the messengers accountable to not neglect one word or facet of it!