We should be growing in the knowledge of God. When we consider we are worshiping a God who is infinite in scope, He is a God whom we can always discover more about. We will always know in part and prophesy in part, but we ought to be growing in our knowledge of God. It is good to examine ourselves and see if we have been growing in our knowledge of God? Though it seems in many places, knowledge has become despised, it is an unavoidable reality, that we can only be transformed and changed by the renewing of our minds. One of the difficulties that has arisen in our times is the limitations of denominationalism. We isolate ourselves in our particular church persuasion and surround ourselves with teachings that we strongly affirm and agree with. In doing this however we can get stuck in ruts where we are no longer challenged to think differently, this is where we cease to grow in our faith and become stagnated in our walk with Him. Your relationship with God will never supersede your knowledge of God, but you will only grow up to the point that you have learned of Him.

I often joke about believers who are still believers, who are preserved, but are preserved in vinegar. This is where we become stuck in our faith, what we have is old wine, we have simply surrounded ourselves with Teachers who agree and affirm all our pre-suppositions. There is a human tendency in all of us to do this, to seek comfort and security in what we believe. You may not always be aware of this dry rot that is beginning to set in, however you will see certain warning signs, Your love level and tolerance of others will be diminished, tolerance does not mean i lay aside my disagreements, it means I’ve learned to treat respectfully those whom i would disagree with. I think scripture has called us called us to that type of tolerance, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to function in the church and in the real world.

Are we so insecure with what we believe, that we have shut out all voices that would disagree with us? Or can’t we learn to interact with other Bible Teachers who are not of our persuasion? The truth doesn’t mind being scrutinized, but i would say if we resist this kind of examination, we are resisting true change, we become stagnated in our knowledge of God, we cease growing in that knowledge of who He is, the solution to this dilemma is to begin to study other Teachers outside your denomination or persuasion.Checking them out with scripture. We might be pleasantly surprised as we find much meat and the true knowledge of God in their writings. We are spoiled for choice, surrounded by the rich heritage of christian literature. What a shame if we go through our whole lives never tapping into any of these rich treasures, because of our prejudice, and our personal tastes. If you are in a rut spiritually, the only way out of it, isn’t to do the things you have always done, but try something new, pick up that book on theology slowly working your way through it, you may be pleasantly surprised that as you are challenged to see the scriptures from a new light, and seeing God from a different angle, how that may increase your knowledge of God, being transformed by the renewing of your mind! God bless you as you begin to take those brave new steps!