Its important for us to realize that Justification isn’t the be all and end all in Bible doctrine. It covers a part of our salvation but not the whole part. It is vital and is the very foundation of our acceptance with God, but there’s more! For the sake of study we often separate Justification from sanctification, but we may rest assured that where true justification is bestowed, there will also be sanctification, in measure, not perfectly, but it will be present.

One of the mistakes that people make out of fear that people will take justification without a changed life is to fuse the two things together, and make justification something it is not. It then becomes more of an ongoing process and depends on our works, rather than a one time event which places its whole trust in God in a foundational sense. In the fear of being misunderstood we often are tempted to make justification something it isn’t.

It is possible for some to understand in their mind the concept of justification by faith alone, without ever truly enjoying it. We think because we understand something we already have it, but not always. Until we believe on this in our hearts and our whole being its just a concept. For this reason there are those who claim justification by faith alone who remain completely unsanctified. But the impact that this truth has on us in our hearts once we realize its reality, is to motivate us to live a sanctified life. But each doctrine has its place in the cog of salvation, if Justification is the first, then sanctification is a close second. Though the person justified is immediately sanctified and is set on the road of ongoing sanctification.