Lately i have renewed my commitment to read classics of the faith. To read certain books is very time consuming, especially the books that profit us the most. It is sad to me, when people neglect the reading of good books. As if my own understanding of the Bible is sufficient all by itself. One of the blessings of being a part of the church is, I can interact with others over the scriptures. A large portion of the Authors i read are no longer with us. But they lived in previous centuries. Yet i find i can still profit greatly from their ministries as i interact with their writings.

The best books are those which give you a greater love for the scriptures, as Spurgeon said, “visit other books but live in the Bible.” i have found as I’ve visited other books, when i return home to the Bible, I am refreshed and see new things from another perspective. As a rule of thumb when i read others on the Bible i major on highlighting all the verses they quote. Majoring on the scriptures above the Author’s own thoughts, comparing the thoughts of the writer with scripture itself.

If you’re like me, I have a to read list of books I’m going to read next. I finally finished Calvin’s institutes, and it took me a while, at least 8 months i reckon. Now I’m currently going through Matthew Henry’s commentary, something I’veĀ  always wanted to do. Been in it for 10 days and am currently on Genesis 10. Even his preface to each separate commentary is full of meat. I’m committed to read it all the way through with an open Bible. Once the commitment has been made, to read the books cover to cover, there is no going back, or quitting half way through. would you join me in this reading commitment?