Without getting into overly complicated issues, as people often do on this subject. Today I want to talk about the subject of election. I don’t pretend to fully understand the issue of election, but I do believe in it and accept it by faith. By elect I mean that God has chosen a specific people before the foundations of the earth and has set His love on them and has claimed them as His own. The knowledge of who God’s elect are is only known by God, though there are often certain evidences known to man that would indicate to us we are one of God’s elect. Our perseverance in the faith against all the odds is only one of those.  The believer who has persevered in their faith against impossible opposition, knows in himself that it wasn’t by his own power he has remained in the faith, but by the grace of God, and we have the certain feeling that if one could lose his salvation then he would have lost it already.

My goal in this blog however is not to try and point out subjective evidences of election. A study which can subtly cause us to focus on all the wrong things and cause us to lose our assurance of our salvation, but rather to look at God’s election in and of itself. The one who is in control of election is God Himself, not the church, not the Preacher, or the church. Only the Lord knows those who are His. What I do wish to focus our attention on is the unbreakable nature of election. That is, once God has chosen someone, a choosing which takes place in eternity before time began, He doesn’t take away that election from a person. He doesn’t make mistakes in His choosing.

There is a vital statement of Jesus in reference to the elect that Jesus makes concerning the end times deceptions. He said that the deception is going to be so bad at the end of the age that, “even the elect would be deceived if it were possible!” Matthew 24:24. This phrase makes it very clear that its not possible for the elect to be deceived, no one can snatch them from my hand, nor the Father’s hand as is stated elsewhere. John 10:28-29. If election could be thwarted, it would throw the whole salvation message into chaos.

Without getting into arguments in your mind against election. I would request first of all that you at least accept the fact the bible teaches there is an election and therefore an elect. Once we accept this as a doctrine of the Bible, it becomes a little easier to accept it by faith, though there may be still obstacles in our minds against it. You will never really figure it out, so it’s best to just accept it by faith.