Many people believe today that the church in America is just like Laodicea, the lukewarm church. When we examine the current state of the church and our souls, along with the description given of Laodicea in Rev 3:14-22. This charge is hard to refute. The real tragedy of Laodicea was that Jesus was on the periphery. He was outside looking in so to speak, standing at the door and knocking. The church, though mentioning Jesus by name, had forgotten Jesus, though they were caught up in great church activity. Rev 3:20 was the biggest sin, though there were many others, forgetting Jesus and putting Him outside of their activity was the big sin that led to all the other sins. I fear that we have done the same!

We must remember that our Christianity is about a person, the divine person, Jesus Christ. He is our first love, and when we cease to have Christ as the central theme and person in our midst, we go astray in our emphasis and our message. People don’t need to hear about us and how wonderful we are, they need to hear about Jesus. He is their only hope, their only Savior, and the only one who can give us forgiveness of sins. He is the only one who can transform a life. changing a persons character and conduct. He is our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption.

In our church I am about to start a long series about Jesus, all His names and titles, and what He has done for us. I’m looking forward to this, for since I’ve been focusing on Jesus a lot more, I’ve sensed a resurgence in my own heart and soul. To find Jesus in scripture and to open our hearts and lives to Him, having His image impressed on our hearts by the Holy Spirit is the goal of real ministry.