The names and titles of Jesus, reveal to us who He is and what He came to accomplish. All of His names and the descriptions of who He is find their roots in the Old Testament. For example, the name Christ is the Greek translation of Messiah from the Hebrew word mashiach. This word first began to be used in the Old Testament of the High Priest who was anointed above his brethren to serve as the highest Priest.
In the book of Judges God would raise up saviors, little s, by anointing and empowering them with the Holy Spirit, He would vanquish the enemies of Israel by breaking the chains of oppression. This would raise a certain expectancy in their hearts of what the true Messiah would accomplish when He arrived. For example, at the coming of Christ the Jews land was occupied by the Romans, so it shouldn’t surprise us they were expecting their Messiah to rise up in a military power and vanquish their oppressor, but this wasn’t the way Christ came to save them. Christ came to work a deliverance far deeper than that, He came to set free the human heart from sin. To break the rebellion and hostility in mans heart towards God. To restore our relationship with a Holy God. It would seem man always wants something superficial, where God works deeper in an internal sense.
The term Christ or anointed one was also used in reference to Kings and Prophets. Setting the stage for the offices of the Messiah. He would be Prophet Priest and King, and a Savior in an even greater scale than the previous Judges. It was with these kind of expectancies in view that Jesus was referred to as the Christ.