It is hard for us to imagine what the second coming will be like. Looking at the future is like looking through a glass dimly. We see its forms, we see its shadows but we do not yet see it in its fulness and perfection. 1 Cor 13:12. NAS. I know that as I describe the second coming to some of you, it may offend your milder disposition. Yet scripture is clear that Christs second coming isn’t going to be a pleasant time for everyone. In order to understand this, we must see the times in which He will be returning.
Many of us are already aware that the world in our times is a wicked place. Yet our society could be worse! We still see something of the semblance of Gods image in our law system, though this is slowly decaying, there are still many who are praying to God, who are salt and light in this crooked and perverse generation. Philippians 2:14-15.
However, the time period, Just prior to our Lords second coming, will be the darkest period in human history. It is referred to throughout the Prophets as “the day of the Lord.” The day in this reference, not dealing with a 24 hour period, but rather the time period where He exercises His judgments on earth against the evil. Though we should long for the Lords soon return and second coming, we are warned in scripture, not to long for the “day of the Lord” as it will be a day of darkness and gloom. Amos 5:18-20. I think there is abundant evidence in scripture, that breaks this period down to 7 years, with particular interest on the final three and a half year period being the very worst. Here are some verses that mention a three and a half year period specifically. Keep in mind some of the O.T. passages dealing with Elijah could be a typology. Luke 4:25, James 5:17, Rev 11:3, Rev 12:6, Rev 11:2, R ev 13:5, Dan 7:25, Dan 12:7, Rev 12:14, Dan 9:27, Dan 12:11, Dan 12:12. I see no reason why this time frame shouldn’t be taken literally.
Because the time will be so evil, the second coming of Christ will be a time of Judgment for many who are opposing His kingdom, and His people. Isaiah says the Lords coming will be like treading the winepress of Gods wrath. Isaiah 63:1-6. Though it will be judgment for some, it will be salvation for those awaiting His appearance. Heb 9:28.
More could be said, and more could be studied about Christs second coming. But what I will say is this. There are many who purposefully avoid speaking on Christs second coming because of all the differing opinions that are out there, but I think this is a mistake, because the book of Revelation ties all the loose ends together. The scriptures are like rivers flowing into the ocean, Revelation referencing to eternity is as the ocean. Ignoring what these scripture passages are pointing towards is a missing of the final point.