There was a church in Ephesus in the Book of Revelation that was commended for its discernment and understanding, but it was rebuked because it left its first love. Today it has struck me more than ever that we often do the same. It is easy for us to study theology and get so wrapped up in gaining and acquiring knowledge, we forget about Christ. The study of the Bible and theology isn’t just to make us smarter, the goal of Bible study and theology is to know Christ better.

I sometimes wonder if we get so caught up in gaining knowledge and the bible that we forget the real reason why we are doing it? Without the incarnation of Christ, the Bible would have no power. What gives our New Testament validity is the life that was lived, the suffering, death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. It all ultimately points to Jesus Christ and who He is. Our goal in all our studies is to get to know Christ more, seeking a deeper relationship and a deeper commitment to Him. From now on more than ever, with the Lords help, I will major to know Christ more on a devotional level. I will make it my aim to share Christ more in daily conversation, in preaching and teaching. For people need Christ more than anyone else in the whole world.