Today I would like to begin an exploration through the Bible, and pointing out all the places in scripture where the Trinity may be traced. It has been said by some scholars that the Trinity isn’t revealed until the New Testament. Though I would for the most part agree, that the Trinity isn’t clearly revealed in plain sight until the New Testament, there are also places in the Old Testament, that at very least lay the groundwork for the doctrine of the Trinity to be more fully revealed in brighter clearer days of revelation history.

I am also willing to admit, that it is perhaps reading the Old Testament in the light of the New Testament, that helps us see the Trinity in clearer light than before.

In my early days of Bible College, I purchased a Strong’s Concordance. I had a new determination to get at the actual Hebrew and Greek words behind the English words. Beginning at Genesis 1:1 I looked up the name God and discovered the Hebrew name behind it was Elohim. I was amazed to immediately discover, that the name is both singular and plural at the same time. For me this was a real nugget, and it gave me a greater confidence that the God whom I serve, though One God, could be One God in more than one person.

In fairness, scholars are split on whether this is nothing more than a plural of majesty, or an actual hidden, foundational possibility for a door for the Trinity. I would say that it is more than just coincidence that the name Elohim is both singular and plural. To go a little deeper into the first three verses of Genesis 1:1-3, we have three entities involved in creation, 1. We have God, 2. We have the Spirit of God, 3. We have the Word. I hope you join me as we go on an exploration through the scriptures, discovering possible places where the Trinity may be traced.