Have you ever witnessed and shared the Gospel with someone and felt woefully inadequate? Or felt like the person you are sharing with is unable to receive and comprehend what you are saying? These two stumbling stones are the biggest reasons why the Gospel isn’t shared as much as it ought to be.

However, when we enter into this line of thinking, we are not thinking clearly or biblically. It is true that a person cant receive Christ apart from the Holy Spirit opening their hearts, but it is also true that prior to this, God by creation has put in the heart of man the knowledge of His existence. We are surrounded by evidence of Gods existence in the things He has made, and by the natural laws we see every day. All this is remarkable evidence of the existence of a Creator and an intelligence behind it all.

There is also an even deeper reality than this in the heart of every person. The struggles between right and wrong, the feeling of shame and guilt when we do bad, or the feeling of good when we do well. I remember feeling somewhat tortured by this inner turmoil, and lack of ability to quit doing the wrong things, and wondering why I was living with so much guilt, but also inwardly realizing I wasn’t the only one. For me as a young man, it felt outwardly, everyone was presenting their best, while privately  that wasn’t who we really were.

The remarkable thing is, with all this information of a God, in creation and in our own hearts of the existence of a God, then why is He absent? knowing my heart as I did, I could only come to one conclusion. The sin in my life and the guilt in my heart was the biggest cause of His absence in my life. This prepared me for hearing and receiving the Gospel.

Unbeknown to us, there are people out there going through this struggle. They are ready to hear the Gospel, which explains why these dilemma’s are happening in them, and the absence of the God who created all this. Never underestimate the importance of natural revelation in the process of Evangelism, and how this prepares hearts to receive the Gospel.