The Bible gives us a truthful account about our true state with God, and what awaits us in the future, if we continue in our sinful, rebellious state against God. Religion tries to soften the blow, by foolishly giving people second chances after death. The doctrine of the coming judgment and of an eternal punishment are not well known doctrines today, nor are they popular subjects to talk about.

But if we care about the eternal state of the soul, it is something we must warn people about, for if we know what could be potentially coming for us, it gives us time to prepare and seek for the escape and salvation in Christ.

When the church teaches that there is no Hell, they are not doing people a service, but are taking away any alarm in people, plus there are no consequences for the evil and bad we have done. “ It doesn’t matter what I do, for the same result happens at the end anyway.”

Some of the popular doctrines on this issue today are, 1. God is a loving God and He would never have created a hell. This doctrine was invented by the Church, just to control and scare people. So people who reject Him will just die and cease to exist. This is called the doctrine of annihilationism.

2. Only the really bad people, like Hitler and Stalin go to Hell, you will miss out on the best heaven, you will be in the lowest place, but its still all good.

3. If you don’t receive Christ when you die, then its ok I will be baptized for you.

4. There is an intermediate state where you may have to remain for a while, till the sins you’ve committed that haven’t been repented of will be paid for, and after you’ve paid you will be allowed in.

The problem with these 4 ideas is, they are not in the Bible, and they give people a false hope. These doctrines have deceived many.

When the Bible speaks of the future judgment. It addresses it as the only reasonable response to our sins. It has been said and rightfully so, that most heresy comes out of a denial and ignorance of the true human condition. A rejection of human depravity is the biggest cause for the rejection of the doctrine of Hell and eternal punishment. On that day when God judges all people, the Bible says that every mouth will be stopped, and He will be justified and vindicated when He judges. Romans 3:19-20. God will merely give what we deserve, if He passes Judgment against us. Like giving a person his wages at the end of the day. Romans 6:23.

It remains then, that our only refuge is Christ, if we don’t find our refuge in Him there is no escape. Just as in the days of Noah there was only one Ark of safety. There remains only one Ark of safety for us. Put your trust in Christ, and seek refuge in Him!