Victory Christian Fellowship is committed to preaching and Studying the Bible. We believe that the great commission was a call to discipleship, which is through studying and understanding the Word of God. We offer a Sunday Morning worship and study, and several different studies at various times throughout the week.

Our church building is located downtown old Rock Springs.
591 Broadway St
Rock Springs, WY 82901
(307) 382-5789

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Brian Poad

Brian was born in Manchester, England one of five siblings.  His home was non-believing and alcoholic, which influenced Brian in his younger years to experiment with drugs and alcohol as a way to escape the despair of life.  Things went downhill for Brian until just before his 18th birthday, when he started to hear voices and became convinced they were evil spirits.  He was given a Bible during this time in his life, and after reading it, he became convinced about the existence of God and the devil.  He became troubled with his sins and called out to God the best way he knew how, and experienced a wonderful conversion experience when the love and forgiveness of God overwhelmed him.

Brian grew in Christ through church, Bible study, and discipleship at which time he decided to go to Bible College.  He attended Hope Bible College in Peterhead, Scotland, where he also taught pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit) and Old Testament Survey.  It was at the Bible College that he met his wife Delaina.  Brian immigrated to America where he has served as a pastor and teacher in the ministry.  He has been a senior pastor since the mid 1990’s, and he has served as senior pastor at Victory Christian Fellowship since 2000.  He and his wife live in Green River, Wyoming and they have four children.