As believers we are under the authority of Gods word.

It amazes me how often as believers we put other things ahead of the word of God! I am often informed of those who old to heretical opinions as believers. I have resolved in my heart to do my utmost to preach the word of God to them.

For if I know people in heresy who claim to be believers, this should also automatically mean they must and will accept the authority of scripture! It is not my opinion or wisdom that will change them, my opinion has no authority! And if I could change people  by my wisdom, wouldn’t I then get the credit?

I have instead resolved in my heart to use the scripture in convincing people of the truth. Only scripture has the power to search and dissect the human heart! I understand that when it comes to false teaching, a person may have strong emotional attachment, and tenaciously hold to their false opinions.

Be prepared for a heated discussion and debate, a heat and anger that’s more based on emotion than logic and sound reasoning from scripture!

But know this, you might rattle someone’s cage for a while before they finally leave their heresy, and return and yield to scriptural authority. Don’t lose heart! God is still working!