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The next doctrine which covers the heart of the book is the doctrine of justification. This is the doctrine that brings deliverance and relief to the undeserving sinner. Because we are unworthy and there is no good work we can do to merit salvation, justification by grace alone through faith alone is the only way we can be declared righteous before a Holy God.

Unfortunately the doctrine of justification has been abused in our day and used as a license to sin. The result of this evil is caused by people not understanding the doctrine of sin, for if we understood the true nature of sin, we would not be using grace to continue in it.

it is true that the undeserving sinner is declared righteous before God through nothing he has done, but this does not give us license to sin, but rather a sure, unshakeable foundation for continuance in the righteousness that is brought through sanctification.

The position of the believer is unchangeable, because the righteousness of another has been attributed to us, because our sin was also attributed to Him. It is this truth that gives us the courage and confidence for sanctification. May we embrace fully and unreservedly the doctrine of justification, though it has been abused much in our day!