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      The Book of Romans is the most thorough and clearest explanation that you will find about the gospel in the Bible. In it, Paul shows that the gospel contains both the power of God and the righteousness of God to save.

      My goal in studying this book is to enter into a thorough study on what the gospel actually is? And to enter into the spirit and intent of Paul’s meaning when he actually wrote what he wrote. I believe we are responsible as commentators not to change the meaning of the original writers, and what was on their mind at the time of their writing. This is a challenge for us, as we so often read scripture through the lens of our own culture, or interpret scripture according to our own experience.

      To avoid approaching scripture in this way requires self control and a self denial, that is, we are not reading scripture for our own personal gain. Though it is true that we gain much personally from reading scripture, we are not to use the scriptures as some subservient tool to achieve our own happiness. In fact those who read the Bible in this way, as some sort of a self help book will come up frustrated and empty handed!

      This is because the Bibles first goal is the glory of God, not our own personal happiness. We will find that the call for us to die to self cuts across the grain of this approach, and we will find ourselves at logger heads with what the Bible is calling us to actually do.

      May we recognize that the biggest hindrance towards interpreting the Bible correctly, is ourselves and our own selfish desires, may God purify us and our intents as we study this book!

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