Fellowship, learn, and live out your faith in Jesus Christ.

The Youth Group at Victory Christian Fellowship is dedicated to providing a safe place for teenagers to fellowship, learn, and live out their faith in Jesus Christ.  The group is for youth from age 12 to 18 years old and meets at the church at 6:30 on Wednesday night. We also meet Sunday mornings with the adults for service. If you need a ride to the group, please contact the church.  We have a van that picks up students from Rock Springs and Green River.

The youth group leaders, Butch and Donna Cassel, have a passion to reach youth for the Gospel, to help the teens avoid some of the pitfalls of life.  In addition, they want the kids to have a safe place to talk about their struggles in life, and to learn how to work through poor choices.

Check the youth calendar for upcoming upcoming events, and check back soon for curriculum information and talking points for teens and parents to talk about what they are learning.

Youth Mission Statement

We understand that teenagers are people, and people are fallible.  The goal of the Youth Group at Victory Christian Fellowship is to teach the youth who Christ is without compromising the Gospel.  We have a two-fold purpose.  First, we want to train up the kids in the way they should go.  We believe that showing them from the scriptures how to live for Christ is very important.  Second, we believe that we need to provide a safe place for them to come and talk about the problems in their life and the poor choices that they made, and where to turn when they fall.

We believe that part of training up in the way you should go is to be able to defend their faith from the Scriptures.  With many influences today trying to discredit the Bible, it is important for the teenagers to understand Christianity on a deeper level.  Our teaching will prepare them for this goal.  In the process, it is our hope that they will become great witnesses to their peers and show kids their age that living for Christ is more than just going to church or being religious.

Our final purpose is to give the youth a safe place for fellowship with one another.  It is in this fellowship that we believe they will form the relationships that will help battle negative peer pressure and give them confidants in their own age group to live life with.